Mission & Vision

Our Mission:
The Mission and Ministry of St. John’s Lutheran Church is to raise up disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, authentic fellowship, mission, serving, and learning God’s Word.
The Vision Statement:
St. John’s will keep our hearts open to loving all regardless of race, gender, background, economic status, or other world-created difference. To this end:


  • We will see all people,
  • We will live in service to the needs of our community, and
  • We will open our eyes to the always changing family of God living beside us.


The world changes in ways that make us uncomfortable, but we follow God, who makes all things new. As Christians we accept the command to love one another as God has loved us.


Our love actions arise from our passionate displays of service and hospitality. We believe God is calling us to build relationships outside our congregation for the benefit of the entire community, and we believe in using our building to feed our neighbors.


St John’s has been blessed beyond measure, recognizing that our strengths come from our challenges and our weaknesses from our prosperity. We also recognize our need for others and the strength that comes from living in a community.